Do you want me to personally help you achieve the American Dream for FREE? Do you want me to personally help you achieve the American Dream for FREE?

Do you want me to "personally"
help you get "The American Dream"
of starting a business?
... for FREE
Dear Friend,
I migrated to America from Syria at age 16 to achieve the "American Dream", with less than $100 I started a car customizing company called "Auto Accents" and grew it to be a LOVE brand with huge local popularity. At the height of us, we had 12 stores and spanned over 25 years.
I take ownership of your success as
much as you do, YOU will be my student

The question is: Do You Qualify?
If you are selected, I will "personally" help you start a business and you
Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket, Ever.
Here's why:
I am recording future episodes of "StartBusinessTV" and the
featured star is "YOUR Business"
The aim is to get you customers immediately who will pay you money.
Future Episode Stars will pay to be featured and have their business idea analyzed.
You get this FREE bonus as my Inaugural Group and you will always have your business idea advertised worldwide through the "" station.
How Do You Qualify?
1- You MUST speak good ENGLISH.
2- You Must Have made few sales with your idea or already have a running business.
3- You must be annually enrolled in the "American Dream" Academy at
no matter where you live in the world...
How it works:
You will be invited to An Episode that will feature your "Business Story"
Your Challenges and Milestones are the Topic
We record this to create the introduction VIDEO for your own Web TV-STATION of
We make it social and you make it SOCIAL (FB, Twitter, G+, Li, Youtube
Everything is better with "VIDEO"
You will learn 7 easy steps to master Video, Cheap. I can save you the trials and errors and tell you what to buy, where to find it cheap and how to use it. Then You will learn what to do with VIDEO once you have it, editing, uploading, streaming, auto-playing and everything video is included.
It's like found money
The "American Dream" Academy Course comes with an incredible Guarantee...
**************** GUARANTEE *******************
If you take the training, you will open a business
and make 5 X Times the $888 investment in the
Academy Course or
I will give you $1000 dollars, and this
GUARANTEE is good for a YEAR,
"no questions asked and NO fine Prints".

Ok, this offer is INCREDIBLE,
I am betting on YOU
and I believe in your "American Dream" and will work with you to achieve it
If I can do it, so "can" YOU
As an added Bonus, Anyone registering within "today" up to 24 hours will also be awarded a Free 1 YEAR Rent of TV-STATION Similar to about your business.
This is a $3500 value... We set it up, all you do is make the videos with your cell phone, we do the rest for you on the station to make YOU look "GOOOOOOOOD"
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